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Sedation Dentistry in Odessa / Lutz, FL 

A significant number of Americans avoid dental appointments because they suffer from dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free, dental experience to overcome anxiety and fear. We offer a wide range of Sedation Dentistry services for your comfort. Dr. Sheetal makes sure that all of our patients are comfortable while receiving the treatment. If you want to know more about the sedation dentistry techniques available at our clinics located in Odessa, FL, and Lutz, FL, then contact us today!

Sedation dentistry refers to the dentists administering drugs before or during the dental procedure. Oral sedation can be taken by mouth, meaning no injections, no anxiety, and no pain. Local anesthesia will numb out the concerned area so that you do not feel any pain during or after the procedure. Apart from oral sedation, nitrous oxide and intravenous sedatives are also available.  When it comes to sedation dentistry, follow all that your dentist instructs. This is important for your overall health.

If you are looking for sedation dentistry services in Odessa, Florida, please call our dental office at (813)-995-6178 to schedule your appointment.

Who needs sedation dentistry?

Many patients with different conditions need sedation dentistry like:

  • If you have a phobia related to dental procedures
  • Dental procedures that accompany a lot of pain
  • If you have sensitive oral nerves
  • In case you have a general anxiety disorder

Whether you need sedation dentistry or not will be decided by our dentist. If you want to know more about this, then contact us at Bliss Dental Lounge today!

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